About Driven Escape

Hey, welcome to Driven Escape's online store. This is a non-profit organisation, so all profits from sales here will be donated to 'Mental Health Research UK'. Thank you for the continued support, it really does mean a lot!

Driven Escape was set up by me, Connor. I set this up originally to show people in the car scene that they aren't alone by using their cars; car scene; car related interests as their escape from anything life is throwing at them. Be that bad mental health, bad physical health, an illness or even just a bad day in general. As the community and support has grown and still continues to grow, I got asked about making some merchandise. After seeing the first batch go well, I felt as though all of us had a great opportunity to raise some money for a great cause.

I'm more than happy to meet people at shows! Ask me if i'm going, and if not then I shall see if i'm free that day!

If you read down this far, huge thank you for doing so, if not... well you won't be reading so I don't need to say anything haha! Thank you so much for all the support given!